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StarConsul is dedicated to providing excellent Information Technology Consulting to companies that need expertise.

StarConsul Areas of Expertise:

    Software Development Change Control and Release Automation

      Help teams deliver software in a reliable, predictable and repeatable manner. 
      Remove the pain from software releases. 
      Make develop teams less dependent on individuals for maintaining the product 
      Give development teams feedback early on, that allows regular testing of what the client will have. 

    Technical Automation for Technical Companies

      Help streamline processes to be more repeatable and maintainable. 
      Identify where judicious use of technology could save man hours for your organization 
      Help identify which technologies or products make the most sense for an organization 

    Network and Systems Administration

      UNIX networks, setup, automated setup, maintenance, backups, software configuration and development. Familiar with Solaris, Linux, BSD, AIX, HP/UX 
      Familiar with cross platform environments including, AS/400, MVS, UNIX, NOVELL, MS Windows (NT/2000/9X), MacOS including MacOS/X 

    Security Analyst

      Help evaluate network for risk and identify procedures to maintain security 
      Analyse code, Internet applications, perl, C/C++, php, cgi for systematic security issues. 

Contact Information:


+1 415.305.5955 

Mailing Address:
2365 Mariposa St. Suite #1 
San Francisco, CA 94110

Robin * Slomkowski

Robin has been using UNIX systems and the Internet since 1990. Has been working professionally in the IT industry since 1994. Robin is passionate about making technology work well for people instead of making people work for their technologies.